Each presentation will be tailored to meet the needs of the audience or employer
iGen Unplugged:  Exploring how an over-protected, insecure, yet uniquely responsible, generation will make its mark
* Developed for educators and workforce professionals

iGen, youth born between 1995-2013, are bringing  a new set of characteristics and challenges to the classroom and workplace. Over-protected by parenting, they have had  failure, risk, and conflict removed from their upbringing.  They are statistically growing up slower than any previous generation and the smartphone has drastically changed their social behaviors. Educating, training, and supervising iGen brings additional challenges when  they can produce any topic immediately on their device.  Learn the influences that have impacted iGen and their distinguishing and developing characteristics. This presentation will also provide strategies for empowerment, understanding, and success. 

"Brad's presentation on the iGen was eye opening and informative!  It is a must see on how to learn to engage, adapt and react to generation overlap in today's workforce."
~ Dan M, Pathways Wisconsin Regional Director

"I found Brad to be extremely relevant and did a wonderful job. He was very engaging, full of knowledge, and a great speaker with useful and relevant information."
  ~ Durand School District Teacher
Communication Breakdown
A common complaint and challenge in the workforce today is communication. It is never right; not enough, too much, wrong form.  This interactive presentation will demonstrate how communication often goes wrong, but provides the answers for how to be effective regardless of your communication preferences.

"Brad's communication session was AWESOME!"

 "Excellent interaction with the speaker, Brad.  He was fun and knowledgeable."

~ Participant comments from Medical Assistant Conference keynote

Workshops and presentations are ideal for:

 - Conferences
 - Professional Development Events
 - Empowering your Team
 - Staff In-service Trainings


Leadership in an Evolving Workforce

The workforce is in midst of a drastic transition. Baby Boomers are retiring in masses, Millennials are the most predominant generation in the workforce, the independent Gen-X'ers have raised their children to be anything but, and iGen are right around the corner. These changes, along with trying to keep up with technology, are testing many forms of leadership. To exacerbate this evolution, communication which should be easier with technology advances has only become more complicated. This workshop will explore the evolution of the workforce, but more importantly provide specific strategies to become the most efficient leader and communicator that your staff and colleagues deserve. 

"Brad was informative while entertaining the audience.  The information given was researched and presented in a focus to higher education with a lot of laughs."
~ Meghan D., DSCF

Generational Workforce Solutions
There are five different generations represented in today’s workforce, each with a core set of values and characteristics that differ from each other. Generational Workplace Strategies will provide tips and strategies to help understand, motivate, and succeed with each generation and leave the participants with thought-provoking ideas that may change how you not only view your co-workers, but also yourself.

"Brad was funny and easy to listen to/follow along. I never even wanted to pick up my phone when he was speaking! Thats how I know he was good."
~ Josh D., Dean Designs, LLC. 

The iGen & Millennial Learner

Student engagement and learning preferences has drastically evolved in a short amount of time. Baby boomers were taught to remain focused on the task at hand, while Millennials and iGen have an ability to multi task in the most incredible ways. These differences have caused frustration, confusion, and misunderstanding for many educators. Solutions and strategies exist however. This workshop will focus on the generational differences that are impacting the workforce and educational system, but more importantly techniques to keep students engaged and motivated to learn. 

"Entertainingly Informative!!! Brad was the best speaker we have ever had and he should come back again.  I will remember the information Brad shared because it was presented in a very funny way. "
~ Karen H. , Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College Academic Dean

Leadership 2020: What they never told you about being a BOSS

Leadership has changed! Years ago few would question or challenge a supervisor. Today, inspiring, and motivating employees has become increasingly difficult. A new set of characteristics is required to get the most out of your staff. This presentation will focus on new age strategies that are sure to empower your staff, but most importantly, yourself!  

Employee Recruitment & Retention:

Remember when job candidates would bend over backwards to earn a new position? Have you hired someone to fill a role knowing they will leave with the next best opportunity. Recruiting and keeping your best employees has become challenging due to the evolution of the worker, but solutions exist.  "Old" recruitment and leadership styles will be challenged. New evidence-based techniques will be provided. What do you have to lose...other than more employees?


Doesn't it seem we have gotten away from professional development and team-building activities being....interesting? My workshops are designed to be active, thought-provoking, and most importantly, FUN. You will be challenged in a variety of ways that will make you think differently about situations in the workplace, with your colleagues, and even life in general. 
​​ Each workshop is designed to enhance team-based skills such as:
  • Leadership
  • Effective Communication & Listening
  • Trust
  • Problem Solving
  • Teamwork
  • Goal-setting
  • Assessment 
You will be challenged. You will need your team to work together to succeed. 

"Brad’s high-energy and humorous approach to team building is exactly what we needed to help pull our staff closer together. As we worked through activities to build trust, increase communication, and develop understanding, you could feel the energy in the room. We walked away with skills and an awareness that will help us continue to grow together with shared purpose and intention."
~ Meagan V, Chequamegon Food Coop

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